Are you passionate about writing and the transformational power of words? Are you writing the book you want to write – or worried you might never complete it? You will love what I have for you here.

Writing Books that Transform Lives: An Interactive In Person Workshop

with Teacher/Author Alissa Lukara [for an interactive writing ecourse that runs each month, click here instead]

Do you feel the call to share your transformative journey or life’s turning point? Do you say you’d love to write a fiction or nonfiction book, but need a jumpstart? Register for the “Writing Books that Transform Lives” workshop and you will:

  • Gain clarity about your universal message and theme
  • Build your confidence in the value of your idea and your ability to complete your book
  • Unleash your authentic voice and deepest potential
  • Keep your momentum and inspiration flowing no matter what
  • Transform “I Can’t” into “I Can” and make the “I Do” commitment to your call to write
  • Receive empowering, positive, constructive feedback in a safe environment
  • Learn how to move your writing from idea to draft to polished gem
  • Explore your best options in to day’s changing publishing world
  • Commit to your call to write

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The world needs your story… the one only you can express. In the “Writing Books that Transform Lives” workshop, you answer your soul’s call in your own unique voice.

And the best part…..lack of time does not have to be an issue.

You can participate with as little as 15 minutes of writing a week – whenever you want.

Who: For Writers who are writing or want to write a book

What: 5 weekly 2-hour meetings with a small group of writers facilitated by Alissa Lukara

  • Personalized feedback for your writing
  • Educational and inspirational written materials
  • Writing calls to action (Suggested writing exercises and prompts)
  • 4 Audio Guided Imagery MP3s (5 to 10 minutes each) to enhance the writing experience

How: The personalized feedback and the educational and inspirational written course material are delivered weekly during the course session. The audio guided imagery is always accessible on my website. You gain the benefit of meeting and sharing writing in a supportive, small group environment, and you receive personal attention.

(Iif you’d like to attend a monthly interactive eCourse version instead, click here.)

When: NEXT SESSION: New classes begin in the Fall. Email for more information. [eCourse also available. Click above].

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Your Guide for the “Writing Books That Transform Lives Workshop” is Author Alissa Lukara:

I am passionate about supporting individuals to write books that touch people’s hearts and souls and catalyze their transformation. I am just as committed to my own call to write fiction and nonfiction books that transform lives. That’s why I guide writing courses, eCourses and retreats for both fiction and nonfiction writers and why I am a writing coach, developmental editor, and speaker.

A professional writer for 30 years, I have been widely published (hundreds of articles, a memoir and nonfiction book with a small and large publisher, poetry) and am the author of the memoir, Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul (Silver Light Publications, 2007).

I also created Life Challenges, an 800 page website that for 11 years helped millions in 110 countries transform adversity.

As a former PR executive, I implemented national publicity campaigns for companies and individuals and now use that expertise to guide writers to build an impressive following for their books and blogs and prepare them for media interviews.

In the process, I’ve traversed all aspects of the writing journey – and gained invaluable information about writing books that transform lives and about navigating today’s changing publishing landscape.

I discovered that as much as we writers hope our writing touches the lives of our readers, our own life is the one whose very foundation we must first shake loose and re-form as we commit to the writing path. Facing deep fears and tasting transcendent joys seems to be part of every writer’s journey on the path to write and publish a book.

An unforgettably enriching and rewarding experience. I highly recommend it…“Alissa Lukara’s Writing Course was unforgettably enriching and rewarding to me. With support and encouragement throughout, for more confidence and comfort in being who I am, the class and environment gently challenged me to surrender more deeply into my feelings and ‘knowings.’ I highly recommend it, whether you’ve written your whole life or have yet to scribble a word. It’s about going new places with an authentic and caring guide nudging and congratulating you along each step.” Elly Brosius, Northern Virginia, Support Group Facilitator and published writer

Who will benefit. The “Writing Books that Transform Lives Workshop” is for all writers and want-to-be writers who wish to make a meaningful contribution with their writing. You will love this workshop if you are:

  • Called to write memoir, fiction, nonfiction or poetry, and want to develop your ideas and story, your writer’s voice and deepen your writing craft
  • Beginning or in the midst of a specific writing project (book, collection of essays, articles, stories, healing journal)
  • Ready to explore where your writing wants to lead you now.
  • Putting off or avoiding writing the book you most want to write or fear you never will
  • Stalled and needing a writing recharge
  • Hungry to discover how to turn those bits and pieces of writing into a book
  • Inspired to use writing to heal, evolve and transform your own or your readers’ lives.

She helped me unlock words I didn’t even know I had…“Taking Alissa’s writing class inspired me to awaken my writing and take it to a whole new level. She was so supportive and encouraging that I just couldn’t wait to share my next writing exercise to get feedback. Alissa has a special talent for helping writers find their special voice and inspiring them to practice that voice until it rings true. She helped me unlock words I didn’t even know I had.” Iris Chinook, Cave Junction, OR, The Serpentine Diary Blog.


Individual Feedback and Attention for Your Writing in a Small Group Setting: During 2-hour weekly meetings for 5 weeks, you receive my personal feedback, as well as feedback from the group on writing you bring to share. The emphasis is on creating a safe environment.

Or, if you don’t write in a week, you can ask me any burning questions you have about today’s writing or publishing process.

To start the journey, you fill out a brief questionnaire that provides me with information about you and what you most want from our interaction. Then, I individualize my weekly comments about your writing to your specific writing needs, dreams and skill level.

My goal in giving feedback or answering your questions about writing and rewriting is always to build you up, motivate and empower you. You decide what kind of feedback, too. You can choose –

  • Positive feedback only about what works in your writing
  • Constructive feedback, which includes both positive comments about what works and suggestions about how to build on and enhance what you have started
  • No feedback. You are content to have me witness your work or process or make neutral comments about what I observed and gained in the witnessing.

The emphasis is on what supports you the most, on what’s most constructive for where you are on your writing journey. I serve as your ally for you and your writing in a very personal and personalized way.

I have expanded and grown around the process of writing… “Thank you for all your inspirational comments and encouragements that have helped me to expand and grow around the process of writing. You have incredible insight, wisdom and an amazing presence about you that leaves everyone feeling safe to explore, create and share openheartedly. You are a truly a gem. I have loved the experience of sharing my work with you.” Delnora Coolridge, Ashland, OR

Educational/Inspirational Materials. In addition to feedback, each week, you receive written materials by email that demystify the writing journey and process and get you writing.

The written materials apply to all forms of writing – nonfiction and fiction. And they apply to all levels of writing skill.

The “Writing Books That Transform Lives” workshop takes you on a transformational journey, each week’s writings building on what you experienced the previous session.

Every session provides you with opportunities to address your writing concerns and questions, tap your authentic expression, take tangible steps toward meeting your writing goals and dreams and build your writing confidence.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Week one: Bite Deep into the Core of Your Authenticity. Explore your unique soul expression, individual integrity and resiliency.
  • Week two: Purge and Create Rich Compost. Unplug obstacles to creative expression and dive deep into your feelings to find the meaningful symbols for your writing.
  • Week three: Fire the Flames of Inner Passion and Purpose. Tap and trust your creative vision and meaningful purpose. Open to your passion, your free-flowing imagination and the power of transformation and let them infuse your writing.
  • Week four: Spread Your Wings and Fly. Let your creativity inspire and guide you to uncover the larger perspectives and inner wisdom of adversity, turning points, and change. Take flight into the soaring heights of creative expression. Celebrate the journey.

The transformational writing process is simple and easy. Anyone can do it.

Each week’s course materials are divided into three parts.

  • In Part One, you gain clarity on how to dive into writing and transform common challenges you face on the writer’s journey. It offers insights on writing craft.
  • Part Two includes several suggested writing calls to action — exercises that jumpstart you, inspire you to write and prompt you to open your writing voice and creative expression.
  • Part Three includes inspirational quotes, articles on various aspects of writing and/or wisdom from well-known writers.

Writing Calls to Action: Every one of the weekly writing calls to action you receive can be done in 15 minutes – and you choose whether to do one or more each week. With that small commitment of only 15 minutes a week, you will start – or restart writing – and surprise yourself with the result.

The writing calls to action work to prompt writing. Reading and following them, you dive deep into your imagination to explore ideas and themes, develop scenes or fresh perspectives, find meaning and flush out your deepest feelings and thoughts – or those of your character, if you’re writing fiction.

The prompts work even if you already have a clear idea about what you are writing by engaging your writing process and imagination in a new, unexpected way (Everyone’s creativity loves new inspiration).

You make the choice. But maybe you already know what you want to write in a week, or your creativity resists being told what to do.

The weekly writing exercises are only suggestions. You do not have to do even one exercise to participate in the eCourse. Instead, you can write whatever you want –or get feedback on pieces you have already written in the past.

I have more confidence in my writing ability…“Alissa Lukara is a gifted writer, teacher and listener who provides ample opportunities to help you find your authentic voice. Her positive attitude, clear writing prompts and enthusiastic feedback have given me more confidence in my writing ability. The validation received on this healing journey moves you along the path to greater awareness.” Eileen Melia, Virginia

Audio Guided Imagery: In addition to the written materials each session, you also have access to four unique Audio Guided Imagery MP3s I recorded to ground you in your creative right (write) brain. Each is 5 to 7 minutes long and lets you use my voice and spoken words as a kind of muse.

Each week’s recording stimulates the imagination and the “right side of your brain” where your creativity lies. It mirrors and enhances the week’s writing theme. Week one’s guided imagery is a special session which first boosts your confidence in your writing, then guides you in an exercise that takes you right into the heart and soul of what you most want and need to write.

You can choose to listen to the guided imagery once each week for inspiration. Or, you can make it part of your regular writing practice for the week. Listen whenever you sit down to write to drop into your our writing spirit and a creative space ripe for writing.

Cancellation Policy: If you register today and cancel before the workshop begins, you receive a full refund, minus a $25 processing fee. Space is limited, so register right away.

My Personal Money-Back Guarantee: If you participate in all 5 weeks of the workshop and find you did not receive the value I promised, let me know within seven days after the end of the workshop, and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.

Don’t wait another moment to write what only you can express.

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I’ve gained a new sense of motivation and practical tools to help me write more fully… “So much inspiration! These weeks have provided practical tools to help me write more fully. I have seen my writing evolve. I’ve gained a new sense of motivation, and for lack of a better word, responsibility to write, because I know this is a huge part of me. I am finally stepping into it completely. I also now have a new mentor, you, which I have been asking the universe for. I can only be eternally grateful for all that I’ve gained through the workshop. Every week, the writing exercises brought me deeper into this craft. I enjoyed sharing my work and the feedback, especially the constructive input. I have so much to work with now.” Xochi Raye, Ashland, OR, Semi-Finalist, Next Top Spiritual Author

My guilt about taking to time to write disappeared…“I was feeling ‘guilty’ for taking time to write – the course alleviated that for me. The exercises stimulated ways to write emotional scenes in a more meaningful way. The written materials stimulated my thoughts and helped my writing.” Hillary Tiefer, Ph.D., Ashland, OR, published short story and essay writer

If you have read this far, you clearly have a passion for writing. You have a passion for the transformative power words can have (and have had in your own life) and are motivated to make a meaningful contribution with your writing.

You also want to write the best, most publishable book, story, article, essay or poetry you can possibly write. And to make the best, most informed choices to support you in getting there.

But the question remains: Are you writing that book or project?

If you are not writing it yet or the writing process is taking much longer than you anticipated (maybe even years longer than you care to admit), you may also:

  • Worry you won’t ever write the book you know you need to write
  • Lack confidence in your ability to complete and publish your book
  • Let practical reality or social activities sidetrack you from writing again and again
  • Wonder if what you have to say is “good enough” that it’s something you’ll be proud of
  • Feel overwhelmed by today’s changing publishing market and how to navigate your options

Why take this workshop now. You are probably surprised by how the stuff of life – responsibilities and fun diversions – have stopped or slowed the progress of writing your book. Most likely, you wouldn’t imagine you could avoid writing it for this long.

Guess what….Life will never get less busy or open up reams of free, unencumbered time for you to write. Hardly anybody gets to take a year or more off to write a book. But you also know that taking the next step you need to move forward anyway is up to you.

You don’t have to wait any longer. The time has come for you to turn all that around.

Sign up for the workshop.

You can write that book now. You can claim those precious moments for you and your creative process – enough to write your book one word at a time. My workshop gives tips on how to do that – starting by writing for as little as 15 minutes a week for one month. See what begins to happen when you say “yes” to writing this very moment.

As a published author, I know the journey of writing, completing and promoting a book firsthand.

  • Wherever you are or have been as a writer, you are not alone. Most probably, I have been there, too. And I have also been in at least some of the places you want to go – from publishing books to promoting my memoir via media nation-wide.
  • I know bumps and potholes you might stumble upon and the path of transforming your resistance to writing, too.
  • I am passionate about writing my own books. And I am just as passionate about you writing your own stories of transformation and discovery.

Now, I want to share what I learned after I made a commitment to answer my call to write.

That’s why I created the interactive eCourse, “Writing Books that Transform Lives,” so that you, too, can say “yes” to your writing call.

The secrets I found tap universal wisdom of the ages and supercharge momentum for your project.

In this workshop, you can:

  • Find joy and meaning in the writing process.
  • Give unique voice to the insights and imagination that are yours to express.
  • Face writing challenges and savor your successes.

You will learn how:

  • Knowing the writer’s journey can simplify and enhance your writing process
  • You can identify the steps of the writing process – and recognize where you are
  • You can boost positive creative results and fulfill your writing dreams
  • Everything that happens while writing – even resisting it –offers clues to complete your book or project.
  • You are never alone on the writing journey, even when you feel lost and alone.

Enroll in this workshop and you will get:

  • 5 weeks of personal feedback for up to 5 double-space pages of writing each week
  • 5 weeks of inspirational and educational written materials
  • 5 weeks of writing exercises – writing calls to action, each of which can be done in 15 minutes
  • 4 5-10 minute audio guided imagery MP3s.

Pay Only $247 for the full Workshop.

Class Size Limited – Don’t Miss Your Chance.

To Register: Classes begin again in the Fall. Guarantee your place today for the workshop with this secure credit card option.

Call 541-324-6370 or click to contact Alissa Lukara via email.

Jumpstarting you on the writing path is my passion. May all your writing flow with ease and joy and bring you the peace of writing what you most want to express,
Alissa Lukara

P.S. The time to write what you most want to write is now. That’s why I’ve done everything I can in the “Writing Books That Transform Lives” workshop to simplify and clarify the writing process for you. You can finally get going and start to write your book. Now, the time has come for you to decide.

I learned that everything I need to write is within me…“Thank you for one of the most inspiring classes I’ve ever attended! Your sweet and gentle direction along with your grace from writing what you have learned has propelled me into my next step as a writer myself. I am thrilled at what I’ve learned – mainly that everything I need to write and to help people change their lives through their own empowerment is within me! I bless you and honor you.” Shazna Jai, Ashland, Oregon, Author of 50 Feet in 30 Seconds

I found my voice again…”In this workshop, I found my voice again. I couldn’t hear my own voice – thought maybe it was lost…But, my voice is still there. Freer to write whatever I want. Even silly stuff. Writing daily just for me. Just to hear my own voice. To let out the words, rather than bottling up all the feelings as I tread water, half-drowning each day. Water in my nose & sputtering, I still voice how I feel. And have found the voice who says three simple strong words, “I’m still here.” Samantha Hodge-Williams, Pennsylvania

I gained direction and realized how helpful and powerful writing can be… What I gained in the writer’s course: Confidence that someone might like to read what I have to say; Direction; Realization, maybe reinforcement, of how helpful and powerful writing can be, of how the act of putting thoughts on paper can help to clarify them or even release the charge they contain; and Finding a good, gentle teacher. Pamela Melton, Medford, OR

I opened up more and am having fun writing… As a result of this course, I find I am opening up a lot more. I am having fun writing poetry, children’s stories and songs – none of which entered my mind to write when I first began my more serious writing. I am definitely getting deeper and deeper into this process. Wanda Brown, Medford, OR

I traveled to the deepest part of myself… “Alissa Lukara supports you throughout the writing journey and gives you the road map that allows you to travel to the deepest parts of yourself — where healing lies and dreams can take flight.” Marijo, New York

I feel inspired to write… This is a sanctuary of encouragement and compassion, respect and laughs. Of inspiration and motivation to create, to write. I will always remember this place of grace, this sacred gathering of writers, with gratitude.” Tara, Ashland, OR