Why You Haven’t Heard From Me

You may be wondering what’s happened to me and to the Transformational Writer’s blog
updates and workshops. Well, life happened… And instead of writing anything or
working with writers, I have been on an unexpected medical odyssey for the last 5
plus weeks (since the last week in October).

What Happened

My journey began with a week long “food poisoning” misdiagnosis that turned out
instead to be a perforated appendix. Thankfully, a contained abscess had formed
around it (a miracle) or I would have experienced an even more challenging recovery
( I am told, I might have died). As it is, I spent 5 days in the hospital having the
infection treated, then 5 more days of extensive treatments at home. I continue to
recover, but am dealing with fatigue, little concentration or stamina. Until this
week, I could not even read a book.

There’s an added piece to this. I have to go back to the hospital for the actual
laparoscopic appendectomy on December 17. And from what the surgeon has explained, I
will most likely not be able to return to writing, editing and coaching or a daily
“outer” life routine until mid-January.

My husband, family and friends — and a number of you — have been an amazing and a
great support. And then, there are those deep healing life lessons.

The Healing Lessons So Far

Not surprisingly, I have daily opportunities to surrender to what is and let go of
expectations and thinking I know anything. I have a daily practice for gratitude, to
remember to live this medical and life journey moment to moment with awareness, to
listen for the promptings of the universe and of spirit.

And for me, the main purpose of any life altering journey is always to open my heart
ever wider to love. I know more will unfold, but for the present, the call is to
rest. It’s been an astonishing revisiting and deepening of much that I wrote about
in the healing journey I presented in my memoir, Riding Grace.What’s Next

What this means for Transformational Writers for now is that I, the blog and
workshops are “on hiatus” until I am recovered. I do plan to resume workshops and
coaching/editing in mid-January and was so excited to be in the process of creating
a selection of new workshops and offerings to support you in your writing journey —
before my life took brush with the unexpected.

Please know that I miss being in contact with all of you, your writing and sharing
the writing journey and wish you all well with your own journeys of writing,
healing, living and loving. If you need a bit of inspiration, I encourage you to go
back and revisit some of the blog postings and other materials you have received
from me for motivation and support.

I also wish you a blessed and beautiful holiday season.  I am so grateful to each of
you for your creativity that inspires me daily, your interest and support of
Transformational Writers and all you do to shine your light in the world.

December 2012 has been touted for years as a pivotal time of monumental growth and
change — and it certainly is for me — in the most unanticipated way. I await
life’s “instructions.” Meanwhile, if you are so moved or inclined, I lovingly accept
and appreciate your healing thoughts and prayers for me at this time.

Blessings on the journey,
Alissa Lukara

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5 Responses to Why You Haven’t Heard From Me

  1. Jo says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m sorry you’ve been going through so much! I wish you a fast recovery.

  2. Vee says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this news. Thank you so much for letting us know. I wish you healing and health and all good things. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Alissa Lukara says:

      Thanks so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers throughout this time. It helped!

  3. Alissa,I finally received your email ( which is what you have written here) because I have been on an email fast. I am sending you bouquets of love,the healing thati s taking place right now. I am so sorry you havegone through so much . I too had an appendectomy. I had the the one you will be having. a few years ago, and it was not bad at all. I know you have many friends who wil help you with groceries aqnd all those necessiitis, and how gratefuly ou must be to have them there for you and of course, your husband. Now is the time to take care of yourself, to rest and let any concerns melt away as you rest in comfort, knowing yu are surrounded by your angels and guides., You are so blessed to see the blesssings, the growth.in all oft this, the surrender you speak of, Do not worry a bit about us , the writer-friends who love you so much. Whenever I put pen to paper, I think of you and when you are rested, well, filled with vitality ,it will be so good to share again in our creative encunter. But even now, you are my Muse, for when I write, asI said,,I think of you…and even when I am not wiritng. You are a gift to the Universe, sharing your love, suppport, truth with us. And if there is anythng I can do from this part of the country, let me know. The important thing is to take care of beautiful you., .kowing you are being healed by all of us who love you and of course, the Divine, your angelsand guides, Be well, my friend and mentor..With bouquets of love and peace and knowing perfect health is yurs now, Rachelle

    • Alissa Lukara says:

      I am so moved by your beautiful words and sentiments here Rachelle and in all you write. Thank you from my heart to yours for this. I feel all the support around me as I continue to mend and grow and learn. So much to bring to the writing. I am so grateful, too, to share in your beautiful creative writing and to walk with you on that path to writing and completing your book(s).

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