Top Secrets of Bestselling Authors and EBook Success Stories

Here, I share a sampling of articles I read recently that fill my writer’s heart and thrill my sense of what’s possible in the ebook arena of today’s changing publishing marketplace.


Check out these inspirational insights and tips on writing compiled by Writer’s Digest:

These quotes, jewels on subjects like style, purpose, characters, plot and structure, method and revision, from writers ranging from Tom Clancy  and John Grisham to Barbara Kingsolver and Anne Lamott  are great to read whenever you need motivation and guidance.


Then, read these intriguing perspectives and successes in the new world of publishing and e-books — a reminder that mainstream publishing is not the only — or necessarily the best — option for all writers:

Comments? What do you think about the potential of e-book publishing as an alternative to or addition to mainstream publishing? Do you have any inspirational writing quotes to share? Please leave your comments below. Also, please “like” or share this on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter. Happy writing.

Compiled by Alissa Lukara, author of Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul, a developmental editor and writing coach, and facilitator of Transformational Writers: Write Your Book. Transform Lives workshops.

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3 Responses to Top Secrets of Bestselling Authors and EBook Success Stories

  1. Jonah says:

    Reading all those great writers tips confirmed one thing I have always felt. Every writer has his or her own process of creating, and it is absolutely right–for them.
    As for e-book publishing, I am guessing that it is just in its infancy. I think that it will become the standard at some point.

    • Alissa Lukara says:

      I agree Jonah. On both counts. Watching the evolution (revolution) of e-book publishing is so exciting and offers us so many more options as writers.

  2. PageMcQueen says:

    So true Jonah, it appears most writers have their own formula and one’s way of success will not necessarily apply to others. Darcy Chan’s story is inspiring. How many people do well on one book? It’s a rarity.

    I certainly hope to do well on my eBooks.

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