Alissa’s edits made my novel The Winter Loon come alive in ways that I could never have done by myself. She had the difficult task of cutting and moving scenes to create forward action. Along with that she helped me tighten the language and dialogue that sometimes wandered aimlessly on the page. Alissa had a way of guiding me with questions and staying away from making judgments when suggesting the need for improvement. I learned that every word, every scene and every chapter must push the story forward. She pointed out style errors and repetitions without ever imposing her ego. I have learned an appreciation of the editing process from Alissa. It’s not just a task to be completed; it’s a work of love. As writers we expose our hearts. A sensitive editor remains objective without damaging the tender heart of the writer. Alissa does this with finesse and caring. Lori Henriksen, Ashland, OR,

Alissa not only honors my voice and themes, she is a master at craft, so necessary for strong, clear communication and exciting creativity. There are no words to express how grateful I am to Alissa rachelleLukara. She is a one of a kind teacher/mentor/writer. Her passion in supporting writers is evident is every aspect of her teaching. What has really kept me going, is not only her connecting with my subjects, themes, and voice, but my own vision. She honors my truth, not inviting me to write what feels safe. ..and that is not easy to come by in a teacher. I have been a student in a number of workshops and classes, and even a well known instructor asked me to write in his style, to conform. My writing is not outrageous at all, it is simply MY voice and and Alissa not only “gets it,” she is intimate with what I am writing about and how I am writing it,and thus her feedback rings entirely true! I experience that quality as rare gift. I feel supported, encouraged, uplifted. I am so blessed to have known intutively to sign up for her classes and coaching. I recall so clearly seeing her invitation in an email and without a moment’s hesitation, I reached for my handbag and credit card, and believe me, that is not my style. I knew something on a deep, intuitive level and I am so glad I said “yes” to it. Yes to Alissa, to myself, to my writing. This process nourishes my soul even when it is a struggle, for it’s a good struggle, for I am getting to what I really want to say.  Rachelle Benveniste,, Culver City, CA, is a widely published, national award-winning poet and writer and creative writing instructor for 25 years, 15 of those at the UCLA Writers Program. Her poem, “MyHair,” was broadcast for years on KABC by a well known radio psychologist.

I dissolved a major block and birthed my book. For many years, I attempted to write a self-help
JoAnnaShawbook based on my workshop manual. I needed a safe place where I could allow a major block to defining my audience, clarifying my message and writing the backstory to dissolve. In the year I was in Alissa’s writing circle, she provided a safe space to touch into the self-expression I had blocked and to feel comfortable putting those words on paper, without editing, so a draft could emerge. Alissa’s gentle encouragement gave me the courage to let go of my agenda, connect with my muse and write without questioning the purpose. Her “Write it for you, first” guidance became my mantra, and I found my authentic voice. One prompt led me write a poem about poetry and inspired me to write more poetry and prose. I began a memoir that included poetry, not knowing at the time it was a precursor to my self-development book. I finally birthed that book. Alissa is a catalyst for bringing forth high quality, authentic work. She is a master of encouraging the expression of your unique voice — what I refer to in my book as your Power. If you are considering Alissa as a writing coach or teacher, stop thinking and go for it. You will be glad you did. Jo Anna Shaw, Author, Central Point, OR Take Your Power Back: Optimize 7 Key Elements of Your Power and Live the Life You Want Each Step of the Way,

An unforgettably enriching and rewarding experience. I highly recommend it…”Alissa Elly BrosiusLukara’s Writing Course was unforgettably enriching and rewarding to me. With support and encouragement throughout, for more confidence and comfort in being who I am, the class and environment gently challenged me to surrender more deeply into my feelings and ‘knowings.’ I highly recommend it, whether you’ve written your whole life or have yet to scribble a word. It’s about going new places with an authentic and caring guide nudging and congratulating you along each step.” Elly Brosius, Northern Virginia, Support Group Facilitator and published writer

She helped me unlock words I didn’t even know I had…”Taking Alissa’s writing class irischinook3inspired me to awaken my writing and take it to a whole new level. She was so supportive and encouraging that I just couldn’t wait to share my next writing exercise to get feedback. Alissa has a special talent for helping writers find their special voice and inspiring them to practice that voice until it rings true. She helped me unlock words I didn’t even know I had.” Iris Chinook, Hyampom, CA, Writer

I loosened up, lightened up and explored curves and corners of myself yet unexplored…“I loved the Elisa_selfportrait_irelandfocus on my writing. I enjoyed knowing that I was sharing my writing with Alissa, a thoughtful, kind, inspiring writer – and a lovely human being. I felt more responsible to myself to focus every day, knowing that Alissa was ready and waiting for my words. The prompts loosened me up, giving me an opportunity to go wild and explore curves and corners of myself yet unexplored. They helped me lighten up, even laugh a bit at how seriously I can take myself!” Elisa Wike Hurley, Writer, photographer, intuitive painting teacher – works in process, Santa Fe, NM

I found that just going through the steps has revealed truths about my life (and what I thought were the major issues) that I didn’t have before.Alissa’s memoir class is perfect whether you lindacarney2never have considered writing a memoir, are just starting out, or have actually produced memoir material. It seems to have a little something for everyone – at a great price. You get great study tools, cohesive lectures, personal feedback, a very helpful meditation and connection – a sampling of everything you need to get moving. I highly recommend this class even if you never write the memoir. I found that just going through the steps has revealed truths about my life (and what I thought were the major issues) that I didn’t have before. Thank you Alissa! Linda Carney, Seattle, WA

I have expanded and grown around the process of writing… “Thank you for all your 542589_10151371202387685_923172949_ninspirational comments and encouragements that have helped me to expand and grow around the process of writing. You have incredible insight, wisdom and an amazing presence about you that leaves everyone feeling safe to explore, create and share openheartedly. You are a truly a gem. I have loved the experience of sharing my work with you.” Delnora Coolridge, Ashland, OR

I have more confidence in my writing ability…”Alissa Lukara is a gifted writer, Affirmationteacher and listener who provides ample opportunities to help you find your authentic voice. Her positive attitude, clear writing prompts and enthusiastic feedback have given me more confidence in my writing ability. The validation received on this healing journey moves you along the path to greater awareness.” Eileen Melia, Virginia

I’ve gained a new sense of motivation and practical tools to help me write more fully… “photoSo much inspiration! These weeks have provided practical tools to help me write more fully. I have seen my writing evolve. I’ve gained a new sense of motivation, and for lack of a better word, responsibility to write, because I know this is a huge part of me. I am finally stepping into it completely. I also now have a new mentor, you, which I have been asking the universe for. I can only be eternally grateful for all that I’ve gained through the workshop. Every week, the writing exercises brought me deeper into this craft. I enjoyed sharing my work and the feedback, especially the constructive input. I have so much to work with now.” Xochi Raye, Ashland, OR, Semi-Finalist, Next Top Spiritual Author

I learned that everything I need to write is within me…“Thank you for one of the most SONY DSCinspiring classes I’ve ever attended!  Your sweet and gentle direction along with your grace from writing what you have learned has propelled me into my next step as a writer myself.  I am thrilled at what I’ve learned – mainly that everything I need to write and to help people change their lives through their own empowerment is within me! I bless you and honor you.” Shazna Jai, Ashland, Oregon, Author of 50 Feet in 30 Seconds

My guilt about taking to time to write disappeared….“I was feeling ‘guilty’ for taking time to write – the course alleviated that for me. The exercises stimulated ways to write emotional scenes in a more meaningful way. The written materials stimulated my thoughts and helped my writing.” Hillary Tiefer, Ph.D., Ashland, OR, published short story and essay writer

I found my voice again….”In this workshop, I found my voice again. I couldn’t hear my own voice – thought maybe it was lost…. But, my voice is still there. Freer to write whatever I want. Even silly stuff. Writing daily just for me. Just to hear my own voice. To let out the words, rather than bottling up all the feelings as I tread water, half-drowning each day. Water in my nose & sputtering, I still voice how I feel. And have found the voice who says three simple strong words, “I’m still here.” Samantha Hodge-Williams, Pennsylvania

I gained direction and realized how helpful and powerful writing can be…What I gained in the writer’s course: Confidence that someone might like to read what I have to say; Direction; Realization, maybe reinforcement, of how helpful and powerful writing can be, of how the act of putting thoughts on paper can help to clarify them or even release the charge they contain; and Finding a good, gentle teacher. Pamela Melton, Medford, OR

I opened up more and am having fun writing…As a result of this course, I find I am opening up a lot more. I am having fun writing poetry, children’s stories and songs – none of which entered my mind to write when I first began my more serious writing. I am definitely getting deeper and deeper into this process.  Wanda Brown, Medford, OR

I traveled to the deepest part of myself…”Alissa Lukara supports you throughout the writing journey and gives you the road map that allows you to travel to the deepest parts of yourself — where healing lies and dreams can take flight.” Marijo, New York I feel inspired to write…This is a sanctuary of encouragement and compassion, respect and laughs. Of inspiration and motivation to create, to write. I will always remember this place of grace, this sacred gathering of writers, with gratitude.” Tara, Ashland, Oregon