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How to Grow Your Business as a Published Author… and Impact More Lives With Your Message

Have you dreamed of writing a book or becoming a successful published author? Do you have a valuable message that will help transform lives and your business? Continue reading

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You Know That Book You’ve Been Meaning To Write? How to Get it Done . . .

You remember…that one project idea that is SUCH a good idea…and yet…you just can’t seem to get moving on it? You know you want to do it. You know you need to do it. You know you would really love having it done. So what’s the hold up? Continue reading

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What if . . . ? A Key Question for Your Book

When you make time to distill your story down to a one-sentence summary or What If, you confirm that you know the story you want to tell and you direct your focus onto that story’s key elements. Continue reading

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You Do Not Write a Book Alone

To succeed as a writer in today’s shift-every-nanosecond market, it is best not to write a book alone. You need a writing tribe, a community, a team, a mentor. Continue reading

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The Best Way to Structure Your Book for Maximum Momentum

From the start of my writing process, I knew my memoir, Riding Grace, would related my 12 year journey through the alternative approaches and miracles I had experienced to heal from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and childhood abuse issues.

However, a major turning point in writing the book came when I stopped focusing my choices of what to include in the memoir on everything that had happened to me and started instead considering the main point I wanted to impart. Continue reading

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