Writing Coaching and Developmental Editing

If you need individualized support for writing a memoir, novel or other transformative and healing writing project, Alissa Lukara offers one-on-one coaching and developmental editing, so you can bring your project to publishable form for today’s marketplace. Contact Alissa Lukara for rates and to schedule a complimentary discovery session.

Alissa’s edits made my novel The Winter Loon come alive in ways that I could never have done by myself. She had the difficult task of cutting and moving scenes to create forward action. Along with that she helped me tighten the language and dialogue that sometimes wandered aimlessly on the page. Alissa had a way of guiding me with questions and staying away from making judgments when suggesting the need for improvement. I learned that every word, every scene and every chapter must push the story forward. She pointed out style errors and repetitions without ever imposing her ego. I have learned an appreciation of the editing process from Alissa. It’s not just a task to be completed; it’s a work of love. As writers we expose our hearts. A sensitive editor remains objective without damaging the tender heart of the writer. Alissa does this with finesse and caring. Lori Henriksen, Ashland, OR, lorihenriksen.com

Alissa not only honors my voice and themes, she is a master at craft, so necessary for strong, clear communication and exciting creativity. There are no words to express how grateful I am to Alissa Lukara. She is a one of a kind teacher/mentor/writer. Her passion in supporting writers is evident is every aspect of her teaching. What has really kept me going, is not only her connecting with my subjects, themes, and voice, but my own vision. She honors my truth, not inviting me to write what feels safe. ..and that is not easy to come by in a teacher. I have been a student in a number of workshops and classes, and even a well known instructor asked me to write in his style, to conform. My writing is not outrageous at all, it is simply MY voice and and Alissa not only “gets it,” she is intimate with what I am writing about and how I am writing it,and thus her feedback rings entirely true! I experience that quality as rare gift. I feel supported, encouraged, uplifted. I am so blessed to have known intutively to sign up for her classes and coaching. I recall so clearly seeing her invitation in an email and without a moment’s hesitation, I reached for my handbag and credit card, and believe me, that is not my style. I knew something on a deep, intuitive level and I am so glad I said “yes” to it. Yes to Alissa, to myself, to my writing. This process nourishes my soul even when it is a struggle, for it’s a good struggle, for I am getting to what I really want to say.  Rachelle Benveniste, rachellejoy.com, is a widely published, national award-winning poet and writer and creative writing instructor for 25 years, 15 of those at the UCLA Writers Program. Her poem, “MyHair,” was broadcast for years on KABC by a well known radio psychologist.

Alissa’s ability to motivate me to put my ideas in an inviting form has made the work flow. Working with Alissa Lukara has been a joy. I sometime question if what I have to say is well put, grammatically correct or even particularly interesting. Instead of dissecting my writing, she leads with example and shows me what does work. Her enthusiasm for the ideas themselves and her ability to motivate me to put them in an inviting form has made the work flow. Without her guidance I fear I would be stuck with a bunch of interesting pieces still trying to find their place.  Dr. Bonnie Nedrow, Naturopathic Doctor, Co-Author, The Seasonal Cleanse Workbook: Detoxification for the 21st Century, bonniend.com

I articulated what is held in my soul. Your skills and guidance drew out the true message of this book. Thank you for your patience and willingness to help me articulate what is held in my soul. You are not only an editor, but a Book Whisperer, Facilitator of Truth and beautiful soul. Catherine Adams, Advocate for the Soul, Author of Welcome to Earth School, welcometoearthschool.com

I turned an ordinary sentence into a literary work of art. “Your skillfullness in turning an ordinary sentence into a literary work of art is both admired and greatly appreciated. Your comments, always presented in a kind, loving manner inspired me and made me excited about the next chapter. You have also been a wonderful support as I processed lots of emotional stuff as I worked through the book.” Sue Kurth, The Boy from Skiatook, Ashland, OR

I cut to the core of the intention of my writing, and took risks to strive for authenticity and personal power. Alissa has been a highly valued writing coach for me over the years, inspiring and guiding me toward more creative and effective communications in my business as a marketer of a computer game that taught meditation, as well in the writing of a journal I use to explore my inner life.   She has an uncanny ability to help me cut to the core of the intention of my writing, and encourages me to take risks to strive for authenticity and personal power. Rob Geier, Marketing/IT Consultant