Alissa Lukara: Catalyst for Writing with Courage, Compassion, Creative Vision

Alissa Lukara is a dynamic speaker, author, workshop facilitator, writing coach, developmental editor, past nonprofit president, and family constellation practitioner. Her unique and authentic voice and presence bring the inspiration, self-empowerment, healing and wisdom that come from first hand experience.

Alissa faced and healed eight years of childhood sexual abuse and 12 years of an illness with no known cure—chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Then, Alissa found further transformation in writing her memoir, Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul

Now, sharing what she learned on her own journey, Alissa catalyzes you to:

  • write your own transformational stories as fiction or creative nonfiction,
  • tap the wholeness and wisdom inside you and bring it to your writing,
  • claim the power of your writing dreams,
  • open to the grace writing offers in each moment,
  • find the creative perspectives of life’s challenges and write what you have learned about transforming adversity
  • and live and write at full volume with fearlessness, authenticity and meaningful purpose.

Speaker and Workshop Leader

Alissa creates a supportive environment for self-expression and transformation by weaving personal stories of healing and transcending adversity in life and in creating, the insights gained from first hand experience, and readings of Alissa’s poetic and powerful writing. She includes guided imagery and creative writing and healing exercises. Speaking topics include:

  • Writing Books that Transform Lives
  • Writing as a Transformational Journey
  • How to Transform Writing Challenges into Creative Gold
  • Deepen Your Writing
  • Creating a Writer’s Platform with Heart, Passion, and Profitability
  • Writing as a Path To Heal and Transform Your Life
  • Performance Readings/Presentations of Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul

Author—Riding Grace

Tackling the unspeakable in a bold, lyrical voice, author Alissa Lukara breaks through denial, upends ancestral patterns and bravely puts a face on the survivors of major life challenges, including chronic illness and abuse, in her debut memoir, Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul (Silver Light Publications, March 2007). A heroine’s journey for the 21st century, her story serves as a testament of hope, resilience and courage. With forgiveness, compassion and poetic vision, she embraces the larger meaning and purpose of her journey and finds grace.

Alissa Lukara’s work has appeared in numerous publications and websites  She has appeared on television in San Francisco and Eugene and has been interviewed on national radio shows—including interviews on Sirius Network  and’s Mind Health Matters with host, NYT bestseller, Bernie Siegel, MD.

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On Speaking

“To see Alissa standing in front of a room full of people, holding her beautiful book, reading words from her own experience never uttered aloud. This is why we keep survivors’ words close to our hearts. Because seeing the strength, resiliency, and creativity is what keeps us going day to day. This is why we gather. To hear Alissa’s voice as she gives us the gift of hindsight. This is why we heal.”   Tara Wolfe, Event Planner, Washington Coalition of  Sexual Assault Programs, Olympia, WA

“Alissa Lukara stands as an inspiration to others who are walking the path that she found herself walking, on the road to recovering her life.  I can’t imagine the guts it took to get through it.”  Shelley Kurtz, TV News Anchor, KVAL-TV, CBS, Eugene, OR

“Alissa has much to offer our world on sexual assault. Being both a survivor and working as a Youth Advocate, I have heard many people talk, and she is one of the best.”  Sharon Hastings,  Advocate, Beyond Survival  Sexual Assault Resource Center, Raymond, WA

“When Alissa  got up to speak she transformed from her usually lovely self into a powerful, radiant speaker who captivated me.”  Naomi Marie, Life Insight Consultant, Ashland, OR

On Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul

“Alissa Lukara takes us on a ‘tell it like it is’ odyssey to the other side of the suffering. In reaching the light at the end of the tunnel of abuse and illness, she offers us the gift of grace.”  Naomi Judd, Legendary singer-songwriter

“An inspirational and transcendental story about the immeasurable powers of redemption and compassion.” Midwest Book Review

“Alissa Lukara’s inspiring story reveals the power of a human being to transcend severe traumas and claim an authentic purposeful life.” Susan Jeffers, Ph.D, Author of Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway

“A strong, triumphant account of one woman’s healing process from chronic fatigue syndrome and incest.” Laura Davis, Author of The Courage to Heal

“Alissa’s powerful personal story told with deep insight, truth, and vulnerability is an inspiration to us all. Her compelling journey of courage is a healing salve for the soul.” Judith Wright, Author of There Must Be More Than This and The One Decision

“Alissa Lukara’s account of her recovery from the horror of childhood abuse and illness transcends literary categories.  An astonishing memoir, it blends poetry with practicality, a cosmic vision with suspense.  Above all, it is a testament to the power of the human soul.” Molly Best Tinsley, Author of Throwing Knives and First professor emerita, The Naval Academy