Jeff Herman’s Revised 2017 Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents

If your writer’s dream remains to get published using an agent and working with a small or mainstream publisher, you need guidance on how to get past the slush pile and into the hands of the jh-guide-2017-front-242x300people who have the power to accomplish your publishing goals. And the best guide book to support those goals is Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents: Who They Are, What They Want, How to Win Them Over.

I use it myself to check out insider information on agents and publishing trends. However, this book is not only about traditional publishers and agents. It includes insights into the future of both traditional and self-publishing and social media. It’s one of the “must have” reference books I recommend to writing clients and in my writing courses for writers who want to get published. Many successful writers call it a writer’s best friend (just read some of the testimonials).

A new, fully revised 2017 edition has just come out that provides up-to-date information about editors, agents, publishers, self-publishing, ebooks and even more resources in an ever-fluctuating book market. You will learn not only what those agents and publishers want — but what they don’t want, so you can get that book you’ve probably spent years writing read and published. Jeff Herman has himself been a literary agent for over 30 years.

Now in its 24th edition, the Jeff Herman Guide includes:

  • Information about U.S. and Canadian publishers and imprints, including preferences, names and addresses
  • Interviews, addresses and preferences of agents, including invaluable tips from 170 of the most powerful agents
  • Insider tips on how to approach agents and editors
  • Latest information on self-publsihing, ebooks and digital publishing
  • Insights on preparing a book proposal and writing the perfect query letter
  • Scams and what to look out for from predatory agents and editors

Herman’s agency has ushered nearly 1000 books into publication. He is also the coauthor of the acclaimed Write the Perfect Book Proposal and is often featured as an expert in print and broadcast media. His website is


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