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Alissa LukaraDo you need fresh inspiration? You will love the information you find here if you are:

  • Dedicated to writing books that touch people’s hearts and transform lives
  • Passionate about writing – and about transformation
  • Stuck and unsure about what steps to take next
  • Putting off writing – or resisting it – even though you have an inspired idea
  • Overwhelmed by all that’s required to develop a book and frustrated by how long it takes
  • Concerned that life’s responsibilities will overshadow your writing dreams
  • Nervous (or downright terrified) about people’s reactions when you share writing?
  • Wondering whether other people will care about your story’s message
  • Ready to commit to your transformational journey of writing

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If you are a writer or would-be writer who

  • is not getting the results you want,
  • feels lost or blocked on the path to complete a book,
  • or needs a boost of renewed motivation and inspiration

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